Unity Web Player Problem ?

Unity Web Player Problem on Google Chrome ?

If you just see 'Download Unity' button, check out our help page here.
Rush Team Game version 1.2.0

Rush Team Game version 1.2.0

The mode Team Flag Match is back !!!!!!
Rush Team 1.1.7 Update.

Rush Team 1.1.7 Update. Try the the new maps Lost and Factory !


Game updated to the version 1.2.3

Fixes : - We have fixed when one team exceed the maximum of players allowed in a team (exemple when the room is set to 16 players and when we have 7 players vs 9 players). - The icon of the UMP45 on the kill feed has...[See more]

It's time to level up !

Everything is based from the french time : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fullscreen.html?n=195 - The 8 april at 4PM (16h) , we will start an EXP boost of 50% - The 9 april at 6PM(18h), we will start an...[See more]

Game updated to the version 1.2.2

Hello soldiers, In order to keep the game updated, we have switched the game to the version 1.2.2 The changes have been done in order to fix some bugs, change different game settings and add new tools, weapons and ...[See more]

It's Time to level up ! 25%,50%,100% EXP boost !

Hello Soldiers ! - 50% EXP boost on the team flag match,bomb and elimination ! We are happy to announce that the 26/27/28 February, we will give you 50% EXP boost on the following game mode : -Team Flag Mat...[See more]

Free VIP and Weapon Pack

Hello Soldiers ! - Have you tried the new weapons implemented in our version 1.1.8? No ? We will give you the opportunity to test these weapons ! We will give you for free the VIP and the weapon pack for...[See more]


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