Rush Team Game version 1.1.9

Rush Team Game version 1.1.9

The team Flow have win the winter cup, so we have updated the game to the version 1.1.9 and added a special skin on the AKM.
Unity Web Player Problem ?

Unity Web Player Problem on Google Chrome ?

If you just see 'Download Unity' button, check out our help page here.
Rush Team 1.1.7 Update.

Rush Team 1.1.7 Update. Try the the new maps Lost and Factory !

Weapon Pack !

Nickname transfer info

Hello Soldiers, If you are unable to transfer your account because you have changed your computer or installed windows 10 on it, you need to wait 15 days. This waiting time is needed. The 12 october, we will rem...[See more]

Nickname transfer

Hello Soldiers, The page for transferring your nickname from rush team 1 to rush team 2 is up ! Just connect on our website with your rush team 2 account and go to your "Account information/Player information&...[See more]

Beta Updated to the version 1.1.0

Hello Soldiers, Important !!!!! If you have got the black screen problem, please clean your web browser cache before trying this version. You can use a tool like CCleaner for that :[See more]

Beta Updated to the version 1.0.9

Hello Soldiers, - The recoil of the G36 has been increased. - The recoil in general has been a bit increased. - The mass of the M90 has been reduced according that now the AWP can one shot kill without silencer. - ...[See more]

Beta Updated to the version 1.0.8

This Patch mainly focuses on the games performance. All of the coding has been rechecked, objects ,shaders ect... (Overall 3 days of work and testing) - Some changes have been made on the gameplay - Players speed w...[See more]

Beta Updated to the version 1.0.7

Hello Soldiers, - The game has been updated to the unity version 5.1.3. - We have worked on some part of our codes to improve the performance. - The bug when you see a floating weapon who don't move when you wa...[See more]

Beta updated to the version 1.0.6

Changes - We have modified the chat filter. We have again reduced the duration of the smoke. - A few changes on the character ragdoll were made. - Some changes has been done to improve performances in game. Bug ...[See more]

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