Unity Web Player Problem ?

Unity Web Player Problem on Google Chrome ?

If you just see 'Download Unity' button, check out our help page here.
Rush Team Game version 1.2.0

Rush Team Game version 1.2.0

The mode Team Flag Match is back !!!!!!
Rush Team 1.1.7 Update.

Rush Team 1.1.7 Update. Try the the new maps Lost and Factory !

Weapon Pack !

50% EXP boost

Hello Soldiers, This week end, we give you 50% experience boost. A small message for some players who try to level up fast with one or two alternate accounts, the result at the end will be a ban and your main account...[See more]

Switch to the normal version 1.1.3

Hello Soldiers, We have ended the beta phase and released first release version of the game. New features - The ability to create and manage clans on the website will be added today. - The shop section on the w...[See more]

Rush Team 2 final version

Hello Soldiers, We will switch to the normal version of rush team 2 the 15 or 16 october. During this process, the website will not be available between 30 minutes and 1 hours. All accounts will be reset to zero whi...[See more]

Clan and nickname transfer.

Hello Soldiers, You have again two days to transfer your old clan or old nickname from rush team 1 to rush team2. Saturday, we will remove the transfer pages and after this date, you will not be able to transfer your...[See more]

Website,clan,account and beta information

Hello soldiers, - Website info The player information on the ranking page and the weapons ranking is now available. The weapons page on our "Game info" has been added. Frab have made a few change on the...[See more]

Beta Updated to the version 1.1.2

- A few change has been made on the M249 and G36. Have Fun Roka [Rush Team Leader]...[See more]

Beta Updated to 1.1.1 Version

Changes: - Player movement has been slightly altered to remain more similar to original Rush Team. - Some weapons have been re-balanced. The changes mostly affect the G36, the P90, and hipfiring with sniper rifles. ...[See more]

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