Unity Web Player Problem ?

Unity Web Player Problem on Google Chrome ?

If you just see 'Download Unity' button, check out our help page here.
New Website !

New Website !

We are pleased to release our new redesigned website and we wish you to have fun on Rush Team ! See you on the battlefield !
VIP Content !

VIP Content !

More experience, more weapons, more character skins and more of that epic battle ! Try it today and become a supporter of our game !


Rush Team staff recruitment closed

Hello Soldiers ! The staff recruitment is now closed. If you have send your application, thank you. We will check all applications during this week end and we will deliberate the next week. We will not send a me...[See more]

Rush Team staff recruitment

Hello soldiers, The recruitment for Game Masters (GM) [French and English] is currently Open. Go to this link for more informations :http://www.asrprogs.net/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2575&p=17379#p17379 ...[See more]

EXP Boost This Week End

Hello Soldiers, Untill the end of this week end, you will get 25% EXP in more on all game mode. Have Fun Roka [Rush Team Leader]...[See more]

StarPass added for refilling your asr-cash

Hello Soldiers, We have added StarPass in our asr-cash refill page. Check it ,you can use it if your country is not available in our other system. Have Fun. Roka [Rush Team Leader]...[See more]

Countries added to allopass

Hello Soldiers The following countries has been added to allopass. Panama (call) Bolivie (sms) Uruguay (sms) Croatie (call) Grèce (call) Hongrie (call) Ukraine (sms) Have Fun. Roka [Rush Team Lea...[See more]

Rush Team Tournament - Let the Games Begin!

Hello Soldiers, We are soon to be hosting the biggest Tournament of Rush Team History with over 35 teams registering in 2 weeks! We have split the teams that were eligble for registering into Bracket A, controlled ...[See more]

4vs4 Showdown Tournament !

Hello soldiers! We are having a 4vs4 Showdown Tournament, and you can win you and your friends up to 5000 in asr-Cash! For more information, take a look at the link, get a Forum account, sign your team up and get r...[See more]

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