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Rush Team Forum
Rush Team Game version 1.2.6

Rush Team Game version 1.2.6

AR15 and P99 !!!!!!
Rush Team Game version 1.2.5

Rush Team Game version 1.2.5

Try out the Dragunov now !!!!!!
Rush Team Game version 1.2.2

Rush Team Game version 1.2.5

Try out the AK MOD now !!!!!!
Unity Web Player Problem ?

Unity Web Player Problem on Google Chrome ?

If you just see 'Download Unity' button, check out our help page here.
Rush Team Game version 1.2.0

Rush Team Game version 1.2.0

The mode Team Flag Match is back !!!!!!
Rush Team 1.1.7 Update.

Rush Team 1.1.7 Update. Try the the new maps Lost and Factory !

Weapon Pack !

Hello soldiers !

We have made a few change on :
Allopass, starpass,rentabiliweb.
Be sure that your country is available and use the correct number provided by our provider.
Charge your account with our Asr-Cash !

What is ASR-cash?

ASR-cash is our virtual currency that can be used to purchase paid services.
   - 1 code = 1000 Asr-Cash by using StarPass or allopass or rentabiliweb(Pay by Call - SMS billing)
   - Or you can buy 1000,3000,5000 Asr-Cash by using paypal(Credit Card)

How much does it cost?

   By using StarPass, AlloPass or Rentabiliweb, the cost is generally between 1,5€ and 5€ per code depending on your location, service provider and currency.
   Each code can be redeemed for 1000 ASR-cash.

   By using Paypal, the cost is 2.40€ for 1000 ASR-cash, 6.00€ for 3000 asr-cash and 9.60€ for 5000 asr-cash.
   The price can vary, so be sure to check the price on the payment system before the purchase.

What I can buy with my asr-cash?

   - Temporary VIP status for 7 days for 1000 ASR-cash
   - Clan slots for 1000 ASR-cash
   - Nickname change for 1000 ASR-cash
   - Kill/Death Ratio reset for 500 ASR-cash

Payment methods

The following simple payment systems can be used:
   - StarPass (Payment by call/SMS blling)
   - AlloPass (Payment by call/SMS blling)
   - RentabiliWeb (Payment by call/SMS blling)
   - PayPal (credit card)

You are not logged on the website, please, log-in on the website to buy your Asr-Cash.