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WebGL version updated to the version 1.6.6 Posted by roka the 29 October 2018 at 1:40 PM

Hello Soldiers !

I have updated the WebGL version to the version 1.6.6

- I have modified the skybox in order to save memory.
- Now each VIP character can have its own glove.
- I have worked on the global performances.
- Like it is boring to go out of the fullscreen if we want change the option or leave the room , i have put back the menu by pressing TAB.
- In order to be more accurate on the mouse sensitivity, i have extended the slider.
- Bugfix on the footstep.
- I have resampled all sounds of the game in order to be at 44100 Hz,16 Bits to see if the sound noise will be completely gone.
- I have lowered the shotgun accuracy.
- GM's can finally write in red (gift for MrHoff :))
- The GM announcement system is back (gift for MrHoff :))
- Now, new players can play as guest (without account) in order to test the game.
- Your login name is now saved and loaded when you start the game.
- Welcome to the new VIP character "Panda".
- I have fixed a loop animation bug when the character run with the pistol and rifle.
- Firefox have released an update (version 63) and a lot of WEBGL games crash on it (tested on windows machine), so we invite you to use Google Chrome. The time for them to fixe this problem.

Have Fun !