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WebGL version updated to the version 1.6.7 Posted by roka the 1 November 2018 at 5:47 PM

Hello Soldiers !

I have updated the WebGL version to the version 1.6.7

- You do not see anymore the jump animation when you chat and press the jump key.
- I have fixed a crash that can happen when you leave the room.
- I have modified a bit the mouse code to see if it fix the random rotation that happen at some players.
- You can enable the mouse smoothing in the mouse section in the game options.
The mouse smoothing interpolate the mouse movement value and can prevent jerky movement.
- In order to fix the camera rotation present in Firefox, the game stop the movement and the mouse rotation when you look the scoreboard by pressing tab or escape.
- I have made a fix for the crackling sound when you put the volume at 0 (Unity/Firefox bug).
- Bugfix on the ladder.
- Bugfix on the map Open Area.
- Bugfix on the map Operation Egypt.

Have Fun !