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WebGL version updated to the version 1.6.9 Posted by roka the 16 November 2018 at 5:51 PM

Hello Soldiers !

I have updated the WebGL version to the version 1.6.9

- I have removed the Halloween stuff.
- I have added the private message feature.

- To send a private message, you can use :
/w PlayerName Message
/pm PlayerName Message
/dm PlayerName Message

- To see again the last received private message, you must use :

- To replay the last received private message, you must use :

In future update, i will add a button on the lobby and on the scoreboard in order to send a private message
mor easily.

- I have worked on the optimization of my codes and on the Audio.
- I have discover from where the quick camera rotation happen and it's a Google Chrome problem.
Like this bug is really hard to reproduce and happen randomly, i continue my investigation and i will fill a bug report soon.
I'm working on a workaround and i will release it as soon as possible.

Have Fun !