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WebGL version updated to the version 1.7.0 Posted by roka the 7 December 2018 at 6:41 PM

I have updated the WebGL version to the version 1.7.0

- I have worked on the optimization of my codes and on the Audio "again".
- The Tiger and Trump character has been added for our VIP players.
- The christmas stuff has been added.
- The "Snow Ball" weapon mode has been added.
- The Snowhead is available on the first character.
- The santa hat is available on the fifth character.
- The flag model has been modified for christmas.
- The variant "Christmas" has been added on the followed map's :
- Snowoot
- Storage
- Slums
- Hangar

- The variant "No Bridge" has been added for the map Sniper Paradise.

Have Fun !