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Rush Team 2 info Posted by roka the 30 August 2015 at 3:57 PM

Hello soldiers,

You might already know that we will release Rush Team 2 in a few weeks, and upon the release Rush Team will be discontinued and replaced with Rush Team 2.

- Why do we need to close Rush Team?

Rush Team was started as a hobby and I originally hadn't too much interest on the account security and I didn't code it like it needs to be. Also, the technology evolves, and soon most web browsers will stop supporting Unity web player which will be replaced by WebGL.

Earlier this year, Unity released Unity 5 which includes the WebGL feature and a lot of improvements for the game rendering. Because of the discontinuation of web browser support for the web player and release of Unity 5 I started developing Rush Team 2 in March. It will be compatible with the WebGL but will be first released on the Unity web player first because the WebGL support is not yet completely ready.

So in short, we start from a clean table to offer you the ability to secure your account by linking email account to it, and to have better gaming experience by reducing the lag in game.

- Will my account on Rush Team be available on rush team 2?

You will need a new account for Rush Team 2 but we will try to give you the opportunity to transfer your old nickname to Rush Team 2 as long as you haven't shared your account details. Also, whilst we are ensuring that the nickname transfer works like intended, you will be not able to create a new account with a nickname already used in Rush Team. This will likely take a month or two. We will release more information regarding the nickname transfer soon.

- Will my clan be transferred to Rush Team 2?

The clans itself cannot be moved to the new accounts however we will try make it possible to preserve the clan name for the new clan, but this cannot be yet guaranteed. The clan slots purchased for the clan will not be transferable.

- Will my remaining ASR-Cash be available on Rush Team 2?

The remaining ASR-Cash you may have left upon the release of Rush Team 2 will be unusable. We have warned about this on our ASR-Cash purchase page and shop page for four months.

- Will Rush Team 2 have same content as Rush Team?

The gameplay will be very similar but we have made few changes in order to reduce the lag advantage for example in corner positions. Several new maps will be added and some old ones will be removed. Upon the release Rush Team 2 will have less weapons than Rush Team but we will add some new weapons as soon as more pressing issues that may appear have been fixed. Although the main mechanisms of the game remain similar to the Rush Team, the new features such as ladders, and the changes to the available weapons and maps will have hopefully positive effect on the gaming experience.

- Will I be able to play Rush Team 2 if I am currently banned?

I first thought to keep all bans active but after reconsidering I have decided to lift most of the bans. The bans will not be lifted for users who have committed serious violations. Since cheating in our game is not accepted nor tolerated and if your ban which was given for cheating is lifted, be careful to not repeat your violations as bans given in Rush Team 2 won't be lifted.

- When will the beta for Rush Team 2 be released?

We are planning to open the beta test phase on 12th of September for 2 or 3 weeks. During this time we will patch any bugs and issues that may appear and see how the game works out and if there's need for changes to improve the gaming experience. Please note that you will not be yet able to login on the site with your Rush Team 2 account during the beta phase. We will still decide whether we'll keep the Rush Team playable during the beta phase of Rush Team 2 or not.

Currently our plan is to:

- Open the beta for Rush Team 2 on 12th of September.
- Move out of beta phase and switch to the release version by latest on 3rd of October depending on the amount of work required to patch it. All account statistics will be reset upon the ending of the beta phase.

We will continue to inform you of the release process of the Rush Team 2 when we'll have more information to be shared.

Roka [Rush Team Leader]