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Game updated to the version 1.2.6 Posted by roka the 18 July 2016 at 10:47 AM

Hello soldiers,

WebGL information.

We are glad to inform you that in September, Unity has planned to release WebGL 2.0.
WebGL 2.0 contains a lot of new features, fixes and improvements. As result, we expect be able to test the performance and portability in order to switch to the WebGL version and to stop using the Unity Web Player, which will take between 1 and 3 months aproximately.

Why do you want to switch from Unity Web Player to WebGL?

Most of the web browser vendor (Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc) have stopped or will stop the support of the Unity Web Player plugin.
The WebGL, will be the only way to play a game on a web browser in the future.
WebGL allows you to run it without any plugin installation and out of the necessary permissions to run it.

Why you have not changed it yet?

The WebGL technology exists since long time ago, but it´s performance was only suitable only for a 2D game or for a 3D preview.
Like the web browser vendors and 3D engine vendors are now working together , it can be expected to have an adequate performance soon.
We have already worked on the game to be partially ready for the WebGL switch.

Game version update 1.2.6.

In order to keep the game updated, we have switched the game to the version 1.2.6, the changes have been done in order to add new features and modify the statistics of some weapons; basing the actions in taking in consideration & apply the user´s feedback, which is the sine qua non for an expedient interaction with the community.

Fixed content:

We have made a few adjustments on the AFK detection.
We have fixed a lag problems when you are in the lobby.
Certain changes have been made on all the weapons and characters materials (3D models), in order to improve performance on a low end computer.


The Allyus skin has been removed from the AWM-F.
The Portugal Euro skin has been applied on the AWM-F. Skin made by frackti.
The recoil in general has been reduced a bit.
The smoke duration has been reduced a bit again.
The flash effect has been reduced a bit.
The default crosshair is now a bit smaller.
All the crosshair are now avalaible for everyone, without any subscription restriction, in order to provide you more possibilities in-game for free.
The Extra Grenade pack has now dissapeared from the shop, now it is included in the VIP Pack. If you have purchased it before the version 1.2.6 and if is not expired, please, contact us through the ticket system.

New features:

The pistol P99 has been added to the game, being avalaible at level 4.
The AR15 has been added to the game, being avalaible at level 7.
The ACR Tiger has been added to the game, being avalaible at level 17.
The AK MOD Alien has been added to the game for the "VIP" player.
The AR15 Aztec has been added to the game and available for the "VIP" player.
The ACR UK has been added to the game and available for the "VIP" player.
The AR15 Urban has been added to the game and available for the "Weapon Pack" player.
The grenade smoke green has been added in the "Extra Grenade" pack.

Also, we are pleased to inform you that in order to provide you a better gaming experience, in terms related to the connection to the server, we have enhanced our game servers; now, we offer a total of seven (7) servers; listed by:

Europe 1: Roubaix, France.
USA East: Washington.
USA West: San José.
Canada East: Montreal.
Brazil: São Paulo.
Asia: Singapur, Singapur.
Tokyo: Tokyo, Japan.

Geo-location map:

These changes have been permormed in order to adapt our future plans about the servers, in order to provide a better connection quality to the players from regions that are not EU but choose this server to play.

Have Fun !

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