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WebGL Info Posted by roka the 22 February 2017 at 10:55 AM

Hello everybody,

Firefox will drop the support of the NPAPI (Unity Web Player) soon (In March).
I have started to convert Rush Team to run with WebGL.

The game work but i need to rebuild the light on all map's, i need to make some change like the lobby chat because the current one do not work in WebGL and i need to improve some part of the code for better performances.

I wanted first to change the GUI of the game for a better one but like the support for the unity web player will be dropped really soon,i need to speed up the process.

The current roadmap is :

- Converting the game to work on WebGL (fixing Light,script improvments,fixing models,sound,texture error).
- Adding the Lobby chat (new server version using websocket (done at 50%)).
- Release of the WebGL version.
- Working on the new GUI.
- When the amount of players online on the WebGL version will be higer than the Unity Web Player version, i will drop the support of our Game Loader.

Info :

- The player who will play on the WebGL version will not be able to play with the players on the Unity Web Player Version.
- The performances will be first slower than the old version using the Unity Web Player but with the WebAssembly who will be released soon
by the web browser vendors, the performances will be like by using the Unity Web Player.
- The Vsync option will be not available.
- The modification of the screen resolution will be not modifiable for the full screen.
- Everything in the game will be the same ! Game play ,weapon , map's ect.... no change will be made.
- If you want to see how work a WebGL game, you can try the game War Attack made by me here

It's not an easy process, but it need to be done.
I will try to give you the most informations as possible and to answer your question about these change during my free time.
I repeat again one time , i have a job in the real life, a children .....

Thank you.

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