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WebGL and Unity Web Player info Posted by roka the 8 March 2017 at 5:07 PM

Hello Soldiers,

You have maybe noticed that Firefox do not support the Unity Web Player anymore (Version 52 released the 7 march) and then you can't play rush team in Firefox.

To solve the problem temporarily, you can use maxthon as web browser and you can download it here or you can use our GameLoader available here

Normally, i will release the WebGL version of rush team in less than 15 days. The game is already ready, but i need to implement the lobby chat and to make a complete stress test on the game.

With the WebGL version, you will be able to play on your prefered web browser (google chrome,firefox .....)

Why they remove the support for the unity web player and why we need the WebGL version now?

Well, in fact, when you play a game with the Unity Web Player, your web browser run a plug-in (installed on your computer) (NPAPI). Now, all web browser vendors want to remove all plug-ins because these plug-in are installed on your computer and then a security hole is always present in case of security exploit. Also, a plug-in have acces to your system and then some hardware informations ect ... can be collected and if someone found a security hole in a plug-in , then he can exploit it in a bad way.

It's why the WebGL is here now, this technology can run a game in your web browser without installing any plug-in.

The WebGL performances are not equal comparing to the Unity Web Player but with the webassembly,SIMD and the multithreading who will normaly come in a few month (if the web browser vendors stop to drink coffee ....) the performance should be the same as the unity web player.

Have a good day.

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