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Rush Team WebGL/Update Info Posted by roka the 14 March 2017 at 4:43 PM

Hello everybody,

You have maybe noticed that it's a pain for you to play rush team and a pain for us to release something stable by using the WebGL.

There is two reason for that :

First, the WebGL is not stable yet, it work but it's not again perfect.
You would say "why web browser vendors stop the NPAPI (plugin) when the WebGL is not ready"

Good question, and i don't have the answer myself. Google have stopped the NPAPI support in 2015 without any other option for us
to release a game for a web browser (exepting flash (money money ....)) and now it's Firefox who drop the support.

It's a bit weird that the support is dropped before we got something stable for our game. The logic should be to drop the support
for the NPAPI when a solution is available for us and our game.

We can understand that the NPAPI can have security holes ect ... But damn ! It's an hard time for game maker like us.

Secondly, The software used to build the game. In our case , we use Unity.
Unity had some problems with the memory management in the past, but these problems seem be solved on the last version.

So i have ported Rush Team to the the Unity version 5.5 these days with crazy night to rebuild all the light for the map ect ....
I have also worked on the code memory and execution. Some part has been already improved but i'm sure that i can do more again.

The 15 or the 16 march i will release a new version of Rush Team (WebGL) which include these changes and i hope that for most of you,
the performances will be better.

You need also to understand that we try our best with the tools that we have.
The WebGL will equal to the Unity web player, but when the web browser vendors will add some stuff like webassembly (already in firefox), SIMD, multithreading ect ...

The WebGL exist since a long time but it has been mainly used for 2D game, so the WebGL is a bit a new technology for a 3D game.

Unity have planned to release the version 5.6 the 30 march and this version will include the WebAssembly who will help us a lot.

This situation is bad for you and for us. I don't have moved from my chair this week end during 2 days trying to find the best solution for the next patch.

Some tips that can help low end computer to play our WebGL version:

- If you play on a laptop , be sure that your Web browser use the processor of your grafics card and not the processor of your motherboard.
- Close your web browser before playing the game and do not open 5/10 other tabs or play a video on youtube in same time.
- Try to avoid full screen.
- Try to lower the desktop resolution of your computer.
- Stay on good or fastest in the quality setting of the game.
- Do not use "Use effect in game".
- Use firefox (it has the best performances).
- Keep your web browser up to date.

Also remember that you can still play rush team on our Game Loader (Windows only) which use the Unity Web Player here :

It's an hard time for everybody, not only Rush Team.
A lot of games are in the same situation but we expect everything back to normal in the next months.

Keep in mind that i have a real job in my life, girl and baby. Since a week now, i sleep only 5/6 hours per day to solve most of problems and the next 2 months, all my free time will be dedicated to rush team in order to update the game everytime that i found a way to save performances.

Don't worry ! Rush Team is not dead :) It's just a bad moment the time for the WebGL technology to be ready for the fight !

Have Fun !


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