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WebGL version updated and info ! Posted by roka the 15 March 2017 at 7:27 PM

Hello Soldiers,

I have made a lot of changes today !

- The WebGL version of the game has been updated to the version 1.3.6 and the performances should be better for you.

Some tips for the WebGL version :
- If you play on a laptop , be sure that your Web browser use the processor of your grafics card and not the processor of your motherboard.
- Close your web browser before playing the game and do not open 5/10 other tabs or play a video on youtube in same time.
- Try to avoid full screen.
- Try to lower the desktop resolution of your computer.
- Stay on good or fastest in the quality setting of the game.
- Do not use "Use effect in game".
- Use firefox (it has the best performances).
- Keep your web browser up to date.

On my laptop : i3 / 8 GB of memory / and 512MB graphics card, i can play without any problem.

- I have also setup a new page when a player try to play our game on our website/Kongregate/Facebook. He can now play by using the Unity Web Player version if his web browser support it, he can download our game loader if his web browser do not support the Unity Web Player plugin anymore or he can play on the WebGL version.

Tomorrow, i will start the lobby chat for the WebGL version and i will continue my investigation for the performances. I'm also waiting the version 5.6 of Unity wich will help us a lot.

Have Fun !

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