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WebGL version updated to the version 1.3.8 Posted by roka the 1 April 2017 at 11:54 AM

Hello Soldiers,

We have updated our WebGL version to the version 1.3.8

The main objective,is to completely change the User Interface.

On this version, the loading,login,server and lobby UI is modified but not completely finished.
Now, i will start to work on the in game UI and also on a new website design.

The performances and the mouse fluidity sould be better.

I have also worked on the game memory,so an user with a 32 bit web browser should be able to run the game now but if you have
a 64 bit operating system, you should use a 64 bit web browser for better performances.

If you have a web browser 32 bit, give us your feedback if the game run fine now.

You have some images preview on our facebook here

Have Fun !

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